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21:12 Documentation Bug #5628 (New): Problems with SSH Connection docs
In going through setup of the SSH connection for a new CE server I ran into a few problems worthy of feedback.
Russell Warren
19:41 Documentation Bug #5627 (New): Immediate re-run of rhodecode-index throws warnings on some repos (and suggests rebuild from scratch)
I just ran `rhodecode-index` for the first time, and it completed successfully. To test how well RhodeCode indexing h... Russell Warren
19:24 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug #5626 (New): Whoosh full-text indexing is fully indexing all repos, not recognizing forks
I just initiated whoosh fulltext indexing and I can see that it is fully indexing all commits in all repos, regardles... Russell Warren
19:22 Documentation Bug #5625 (New): Feedback on RhodeCode Full-text search docs
I ran into a few problems with fill-text search, context being setting up for CE:
**1. Docs generally are confusin...
Russell Warren


20:01 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug #5624 (New): Timeout when trying to test SMTP email configuration
While trying to set up email, I configured SMTP settings as instructed (for Amazon SES, fwiw) and tried to send a tes... Russell Warren

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