Bug #5596

Pull Request duplicated after description edit

Added by Olivier Renaud over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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One of my users created a pull request, then immediately edited the description and saved. This resulted in the pull request being stuck in the "merging" state (with the message "Cannot show diff when pull request state is changing. Current progress state: merging"), and with a new pull request being created (first PR is !69 and second is !70). Only the second PR contains the edit of the description. Interrestingly, only the rccextension hooks of the second PR ran.


Updated by Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] over 2 years ago

Could it be that he hit the create button twice? and created two PRs ?

Are there some automation for creating merges outside?


Updated by Olivier Renaud over 2 years ago

I cannot rule out he clicked the button twice. He spotted a mistake in the description just after clicking the create button, and he tried to fix it in a hurry. He says it's possible he used the "back" button of his browser. From there, it's possible he clicked the "submit pull request" button a second time. He remembers editing the description using the "edit" link next to the description field, though.

There is no automation to initiate a merge, no.


Updated by Daniel D over 2 years ago

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In 4.18.3 we've added an additional way to unlock PRs stuck in such way. The double click we'll investigate more soon, but i think we should resolve this one for now.

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