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Bulk comment submit

Added by Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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When user is reviewing the code, each inline comment is submitted and notification sent to users, this might be annoying. Phabricator has really nice sollution for that. See attached gif

Some specs:

  • users should see their UNSUBMITTED comments in a summary view, and have ability to submit then (see second screenshot)
  • Page should worn users before leaving that there are unsubmitted comments
  • Unsubmitted comments should be stored inside DB, but they should not trigger notifications
  • UN-submitted comments should be only visible to the creator (and super-admins)
  • UN-submitted comments submit preview pane should be only visible to author, and super-admin. Both of them could submit the comments
  • Email should be re-formatted with bulk comments, not to spawn multi-emails
  • UN-submitted comments should be marked with a tag, and show text:

    • "this comment is private until you submit it" <submit it should be a link to the preview pane that allows submit
  • The preview pane should allow to delete comments, and re-create them (Edit them) ?

  • I think we Do Need EDIT functionality before this feature

Phabricator has this, and it's considered very nice option, also Kallithea has this ! Which we cannot be worse :)


submit-preview-comments.png (28.9 KB) submit-preview-comments.png Marcin Kuzminski [CTO], 06.11.2015 12:22
bulk-submit-summary.png (38 KB) bulk-submit-summary.png Marcin Kuzminski [CTO], 06.11.2015 12:39
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Phabricator also creates main comments with links to inline comments submitted, which is kind of cool.

See screenshot bulk-submit-summary

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It would be great to mimic the phabricator bulk comment submit functionality as it really helps to do reviews.

Main idea is that you submit comments as you move along in draft state, since code below can influence your comment above, once the review run is done you mark all submitted comments as done which triggers they final submition and notifies users.

  • how do we do notifications in bulk ?
  • how the UI should look
  • how we need an legacy option to submit on comment

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