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Add information "is the pull request up to date?" in the PR page

Added by Olivier Renaud about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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There is an information that I miss in the pull request page. I would like to know if the pull request is already up to date, or if there are new commits in the source branch that will create a new version of the PR if I click "update commits".

The only way I can think of getting this information today, is to click "expand commits" and memorize the sha1 of the last commit, and then to click the link to the source branch in "commit flow" and visualize in the log where the commit I memorized is located.

The UI I imagine:

  • If the PR is up to date, the "update commits" button is disabled
  • If the PR is not, the "update commits" is enabled with the text "This PR can be updated with x new commits from the source branch", with an option to view the details of these commits.



Updated by Daniel D about 1 year ago

  • Target version set to v4.19

This is a nice idea, and good UX improvement. We've investigated technical side on this and it's "cheap" to perform such check for the PR at page open. We'll add this to the next release.


Updated by Daniel D 12 months ago

We've decided to add this feature but in simpler mode. From 4.19.X release on PR page, we'll show info about source/target commits being different than the last state. In this case, users will now that PR is outdated.

  • We're unable to show a text of type: This PR can be updated with x new commits from the source branch because this case is just one of many, one can re-order commits, or squash them, or remove single commits from the whole PR. Calculation of changes, in this case, is complex, and this change of commits would only be available after actual pull&merge. The information is shown nicely in the automated comment at the bottom, so users won't need to remember commits to see if something has changed. The changes summary is generated automatically via general comment.

Updated by Olivier Renaud 12 months ago

Thanks. I understand, the information "up to date or outdated" is the most important aspect we care about.

You say "information is shown nicely in the automated comment at the bottom". I'm not sure what location you are thinking about. Is it still near the top, near the "update commits" button and list of commits? Or is it at the very bottom after the full diff?


Updated by Redmine Integration 12 months ago

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Updated by Daniel D 12 months ago

If you update a pull-request, here's an example general comment that is submitted after.


Updated by Olivier Renaud 12 months ago

Oh ok. I thought you were talking about the "is the PR outdated?" information, not the details of the changes. Yes, the auto-generated comment is very nice.


Updated by Daniel D 12 months ago

Yes we'll now show this on a pull request view if it's outdated.

The general comment is just additional information.

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