Bug #5590

Pull Request creation takes 2 minutes

Added by Olivier Renaud over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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The creation of Pull Requests for one of our repository takes a very long time. After the user clicks "Submit Pull Request", the page loads for about 2 minutes before the Pull Request page is displayed with a creation success. My users think that something is going wrong and they tend to stop the http request (by clicking the stop button of their browser, or going back in the history).

The duration does not depend on the size of the Pull Request. It is much faster for smaller repositories (the one that causes problem weights 6.5GB). We activated shadow repos for the Pull Requests, so my guess is that this time corresponds to the time it takes for the shadow repo to perform the clone. One the RhodeCode machine, hg clone of this repository (including the local copy update) takes 1 minute.

If it is difficult to perform this task asynchronously, it would be nice to have a "please wait" message during this operation.


Updated by Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] over 2 years ago


Yes it's a limitation of larger repositories. We're planning to have it run async to have merge simulation load later, it's a bigger task so small "please wait" that can be delivered now is a good idea, we'll implement it.

Thanks for the feedback


Updated by Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] over 2 years ago

We've futher optimized the creation of PRs in 4.19.X it should be a bit faster now, but still we have room for improvements.

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