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rcextensions hook for pull request comment

Added by Olivier Renaud over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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There is no hook in rcextensions for when a comment is added on a pull request. I need that hook, because I am writing a bot and I would like users to be able to send commands to this bot using comments. For example, a user would add a comment "@buildbot trigger", and the rcextensions hook would send a request to our CI server.

The closest hook available is _review_pull_request_hook, but it's only when a comment of a reviewer changes the status through a comment.

Interestingly, webhooks can already react on new comments when the box "pullrequest commented" is checked. I don't see a way to reference the content of the comment though, so it does not seems very useful.

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Updated by Olivier Renaud over 4 years ago

I found a workaround. It relies on adding a sqlalchemy hook in rcextensions.

from rhodecode.model.db import ChangesetComment
import sqlalchemy

@sqlalchemy.event.listens_for(ChangesetComment, 'after_insert')
def react_on_comment(_mapper, _connection, comment):
    text = comment.text
    author =
    pr = comment.pull_request
    # do cool things here
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Updated by Daniel D over 4 years ago

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We're adding this properly to rcextensions now.

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Updated by Daniel D over 4 years ago

We've built a proper rcextensions logic for this now. Thanks for this ticket, it really helped us understand this case, and even now internally we're coding some "chat-ops" style logic for sending commands via comments. I've added an example here how to do some trigger based on comment text:

We'll also now do an extension on top of integrations logic to support those two new cases of comment_on_commit, and comment_on_pull_request !


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Updated by Redmine Integration over 4 years ago

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Updated by Olivier Renaud about 4 years ago

This looks great ! Thanks !


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