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[ce, ee] Redmine/JIRA integrations - smart commits

Added by Daniel D almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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For the redmine case there are 5 states for a ticket:

  • new
  • in progress
  • resolved
  • feedback
  • closed'

Commit messages should be able to auto close/resolve tickets using keywords such as fixes #42

The thing to think about is that the user may want 'fixes #20' to set the redmine issue to any of 'resolved', 'feedback' or 'closed' - this should be set in the integration options.

Allowing custom multiple regex => state mappers per integration is the most powerful but might be overkill- making standard keywords might be better eg:

fixes => resolved
closes => closed

Then again this might be no good for international users.


Actions #1

Updated by Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] almost 8 years ago

The state of tickets both for redmine and Jira are fully customizable, you can have only two status, or custom 10 statuses.

I'd imagine if we could create an UI that allow to write "prefix" to trasition mapping that would be easiest, and most straightforward solution, that probably wouldn't need explaning

I'd imaging in web i-fce we would have something like:

[fix,fixes] => [ 'resolved' (or <transtion_id>)]
[close,closes] => ['closes']

The only big problem is how do we "extract" those back to issue extractors, do we re-parse the message with special added regex word next to issue regex ?

Not sure how to solve this.

Actions #2

Updated by Daniel D almost 8 years ago

Ok so the only way to do this is via mapping - at least the gui will be common for jira/redmine and probably other trackers

Yea we will have to reparse the commit messages, since the issue extractor system depends on a user defined regex - we can't use it.

Actions #3

Updated by Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] almost 8 years ago

would it be possible to combine defined regexes + the keywords ?

so eg: (fix|fixes)(issue_regex) ?

Actions #4

Updated by Daniel D almost 8 years ago

Preliminary design on how to expose the prefix => actions in the ui.

Actions #5

Updated by Lisa Quatmann almost 8 years ago


  • The dropdowns need to be select2 boxes.
  • The dropdowns and inputs should match height and line up vertically.
  • Not sure why this is in a table or if it should be...?
  • What is this "required" at the bottom?
  • Can someone add more? Should we have the "Add" button (see the auth tokens page)?
Actions #6

Updated by Daniel D almost 8 years ago

On adding the simple redmine integration to ee, there is a usability problem in that it requires an issue tracker to be set beforehand and it's counter intuitive to have to do 2 separate places for a single 'thing' - ie. redmine issue tracker

You'd have to define eg. prefixes and issue tracker url in both /settings/issue-tracker and /integrations/redmine

One idea is to make the issue-tracker page table have a select box with an issue-tracker "type" eg. generic/redmine/jira so instead of going to integrations - they add it there directly.

There would be a 'generic issue tracker' one which allows you simply to do a string replace to set a url of the issue tracker like today - and more complicated ones (redmine/jira etc.) which let you attach actions on a commit/pull request message which references an issue.


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