Task #4251

Updated by Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] over 4 years ago

While a lot of time passed since we’ve exchanged emails last time, let me share some details about the way we work at R Readdle and what kind of Rhodecode improvements would be useful for us.  

 - Most of our iOS/Mac product repositories are Mercurial  
 - We extensively use Mercurial’s subrepositories for internal dependencies: our internal libraries are Mercurial or git repositories, which are added to product repository as a subrepo.  
 - I like github flow: creating feature branches (bookmarks in Mercurial), opening pull request to master (default), code-reviewing this pull request and merging it after review is finished 

 Unfortunately Rhodecode does not allow to create pull request for Mercurial repository in case it contains any subrepo, even if there were no changes in that sub-repositories.  

 So that’s the main reason why we can’t use github flow with Rhodecode and that’s the reason why we have to Crucible.  

 I’ve shared these details with Rhodecode team about a year ago : 

 Currently Rhodecode is more like a repository storage for us and while post-commit reviews are possible they are rarely used. That’s why most people at R Readdle almost never see Rhodecode web interface.  

 Let me know if you need any more details or have any workaround that would still allow us to use pull requests.