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[ce, ee] jira tracker integration wildcard project key support

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We have just updated to 4.4.1 and I would like to test the JIRA integration (one of the features I've been wishing for for a long time!). I went to the overall admin settings and the integration tab. I then tried to create a new JIRA integration. I have entered all of the parameters except JIRA Project Key, but it won't let me save without including a JIRA project key.

I want to set up the JIRA integration to work globally. Each repository in RhodeCode may be related to more than one JIRA project and there are some JIRA projects that relate to multiple RhodeCode repositories.
When a JIRA issue is referenced in a commit message it will be referenced by ID, for example "fixes AE-54". The first part of this is the project key (AE in this case) and the second is the ID within that project (54 in this case) - therefore there is no need for the JIRA integration to know in advance the project key as it will be within the commit message (the existing issue tracker integration looks for [A-Z][A-Z0-9_]+-\d+). If the project key is fixed, then this precludes a user working on embedded software from referencing hardware and software issues in commit messages (as we typically keep the hardware and software as separate JIRA projects).

Please can you help me with this configuration?


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