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[support] Mercurial largefiles handling issue

Added by Johannes Bornhold over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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  • Reproduce and get answers to the questions
  • Follow up if we have issues in this area

Updated by Mikhail Chernykh over 6 years ago

Briefly checked the tenderapp thread. Can be related to the settings priorities.


Updated by Johannes Bornhold over 6 years ago

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Updated by Johannes Bornhold over 6 years ago

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Reproduce the issue

Description from the user

  • I've disabled the LF in the global settings "Admin / Settings / VCS".
  • I've nothing configured regarding LF in the .hgrc.
  • I've created a new repo with LF enabled in "Options / Settings / VCS"
  • When I push a repo with LF on it, I face:

abort: does not appear to be a largefile store

Local reproduction

  • [X] Start with an empty database
  • [X] Disable largefiles
  • [X] Add a repo
  • [X] enable largefiles for the repo
  • [X] Push largefiles into the repo

Creating an empty system

paster setup-rhodecode dev-empty.ini --user=admin \ --password=secret --repos=$HOME/tmp/repos-empty


  • Version 3.7.1 is not fit regarding the largefiles setting, we should encourage users to upgrate to 3.8.0 which got a log of improvements in largefiles to make the user experience better.
  • No follow up needed, since we have this fixed and I think that we have this even covered in our ac-tests.

Updated by Johannes Bornhold over 6 years ago

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No work left here, closing this off.


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Updated by Johannes Bornhold over 6 years ago

  • Target version changed from v4.1 to v3.9 - Iteration 32

Releasing done work of Iteration 32

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