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h1. Release v3.1.0

Main objectives are aligned to the "Roadmap":

  • Bugfixing of high priority issues Expected sources are our regression tests and feedback from the first Customers trying out our new release. Please see below regarding the handling of high priority issues.
  • Stable system even if the vcsserver is not installed
  • Next steps in the redesign pipeline: compare view, file view, summary view, error pages
  • Pull Request Improvements ** Hook up Pull Requests with Jenkins ** First fix update behavior ** Per File review Feature
  • Per Repository settings

h2. Issue handling

We classify new issues according to the question of how much it would prevent our users from using our product. Everything which would be a serious impediment from that perspective will be in priority "High" and will be sneaked in into our running Sprint. This is an attempt to find a good trade off between staying focused and keeping productivity high and on the other side reacting to severe issues in a timely manner.

Please notify Johannes (Lisa) in case you think that you found an issue which would qualify as priority "High".

h2. Changes

  • Version "Bugburner" as a bucket of issues, we commit to reduce the number of items in it each Sprint.

h2. Links

"Issues overview":

h2. Contacts

  • Lisa is the main contact around the issue tracker and the details of the planning for this Sprint
  • Paris is the main contact around Merging Pull Requests
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