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h1. Release support

Main objectives to support the release:

  • Bugfixing of high priority issues Since we did our first release, there will be a few unplanned things popping up with high priority. Expected sources are our regression tests and feedback from the first Customers trying out our new release.
  • Technical reviews of further overhauled sections in our tech docs for v3.0.0

User interface improvments
** Forms overhaul - Canonical HTML structure in our Style section / Start of bigger epic
** Changeset
** Comments

Process improvements

  • Parallel test runs in Jenkins Avoids overhead and frees time lost due to stuck builds. First steps for further improvements to free even more time.

"Support the next deal": JIRA integration, Jenkins integration "two way", Smart Commits

h2. Statistics

We'll take the last three sprints to get a good indication of how many things we should put into this Sprint.

h2. Issue handling

We classify new issues according to the question of how much it would prevent our users from using our product. Everything which would be a serious impediment from that perspective will be in priority "High" and will be sneaked in into our running Sprint. This is an attempt to find a good trade off between staying focused and keeping productivity high and on the other side reacting to severe issues in a timely manner.

Please notify Johannes in case you think that you found an issue which would qualify as priority "High".

h2. Review changes

  • We are involving Martina and Greg more into our workflow, starting with our daily standup meeting and planning. This way they know what we are up to and have a chance to prepare their own schedule better.
  • We (mainly Johannes) is making the check_screens script available so that this can be used by every team member to quickly verify if frontend changes have unintended collateral damage in other places. This is expected to pay off within a few days already, since it avoids extra loops when checking PRs.
  • We (mainly Greg) kick off test automation. This is a prevention of letting Greg become more and more a bottleneck.

h2. Links

"Issues overview":[]=fixed_version_id&op[fixed_version_id]=%3D&v[fixed_version_id][]=31&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&group_by=priority

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