v3.0 - Sprint #4



Preparation of release sprint for 3.0

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h1. Release Momentum v3.0.0

Main goal:

  • Release v3.0.0
  • QA full regression run of the 3.0.0 version

Apart from that we move on towards the next minor release:

  • Bugfixing of high priority issues ** Left over issues, mainly the backend part around vcsserver robustness is left over. This is mainly on Paris and Johannes since we are a bit "short on Backend people" ** IE9 font issue ** High priority issues from regression run
  • Starting the technical review of our documentation
  • Keep on fixing styling issues and polishing the frontend ** (potentially) Close up with the topic "Tables" ** Close up with the topic "Typography" to have the base ready. We will do every now and then a new round on it to keep on improving it. This is a collaborative effort mostly of Martina and Lisa. ** Close up with the topic "Diffs and Code-Blocks" A few more things popped up in this area. This is mainly a collaborative effort of Anderson, Martina and Johannes.

h2. Statistics

Based on the two last sprints, Johannes' gut feeling and just on counting tasks, we accept around 25 things into this sprint and keep the rest already in the next sprint or in the backlog.

h2. Issue handling

We classify new issues according to the question of how much it would prevent our users from using our product. Everything which would be a serious impediment from that perspective will be in priority "High" and will be sneaked in into our running Sprint. This is an attempt to find a good trade off between staying focused and keeping productivity high and reacting to severe issues on a timely manner.

Please notify Johannes in case you think that you found an issue which would qualify as priority "High".

h2. Changes

  • We are involving Martina and Greg more into our workflow, starting with our daily standup meeting and planning. This way they know what we are up to and have a chance to prepare their own schedule better.
  • We (mainly Johannes) is making the check_screens script available so that this can be used by every team member to quickly verify if frontend changes have unintended collateral damage in other places. This is expected to pay off within a few days already, since it avoids extra loops when checking PRs.
  • We (mainly Greg) kick off test automation. This is a prevention of letting Greg become more and more a bottleneck.

h2. Links

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