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h1. Focus: Ready for release

Main focus will be split between frontend polishing and fixing functional issues to improve the release quality. After this Sprint, we should see our first tagged beta version available as a build and ready for extended regression checks.

Main topics with a Frontend focus:

  • Keep on fixing styling issues and polishing the new style.
  • Finish running styling topics: Typography, Tables, Diff components
  • Next topic we would pick up as group is Changeset and in the next Sprint Forms.

Main topics with a Backend focus:

  • Robustness of vcsserver connection and subprocess handling. Especially checks regarding very large requests combined with memory pressure and addressing issues we find there.

h2. Issue handling

We classify new issues according to the question if it would prevent us from releasing or not. Everything which would prevent us from doing so will get priority "High" and will be sneaked in into our running Sprint to make sure that we are in a Shippable State as much as possible.

Please notify Johannes in case you think that you found an issue which would qualify as priority "High".

Change in workflow: We start to integrate Greg better into our development workflow. Once a ticket is in status "Resolved" and merged, we assign it to him so that he has a pool to catch up from for a final quality check. He will sign those tickets off by moving them to the status "Closed" after passing his checks.

h2. Links

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