v3.0 - Sprint #2



Mainly stabilize after restyling

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h1. Focus: Polish Frontend

  • Main focus is on polishing the frontend after the restyling race from last year.
  • This is driven by found issues and the following three bigger topics which we'll start in this Sprint and continue working on in the following Sprints: ** Permission table styling We'll create the default table as a "component" so that it's guarded by a css class and does not conflict with other tables. This will later be used for all application tables and enable us to pay back a little bit of the technical debt in the frontend area. ** Base Typography The goal is to have a consistent style for all HTML elements across browsers. Since we render user documents like RST or MD, this will set the ground to be able to split out the basic styling of HTML elements from our other application components like tables, forms controls, buttons, navigation, etc. Ideally we'll be able to use an existing solution for that, like the base style from Bootstrap. With this we are on the safe side regarding a clean style of all elements and at the same time we are well prepared to remove a bunch of legacy styles from our codebase to further reduce the technical debt. ** Forms Current state is that we have forms more or less under control, still there are a lot of minor tweaks needed across browsers. Current idea is to first check if moving fully to an existing forms framework like Bootstrap would work out for us and based on the conclusions go this way if it fits. This would allow us to benefit from existing solutions which are already fine tuned cross browser and as a free extra on top it would bring us closer to be ready for responsive design.

Outlook: In the next sprint we will bring in also more backend fixes again.

h2. Issue handling

We classify new issues according to the question if it would prevent us from releasing or not. Everything which would prevent us from doing so will get priority "High" and will be sneaked in into our running Sprint to make sure that we are in a Shippable State as much as possible.

Please notify Johannes in case you think that you found an issue which would qualify as priority "High".

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