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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5462 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal create_repo api fails with celery enabled 10.07.2018 17:49 Actions
5461 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Changes to user group permissions via API are not audit logged 30.08.2018 09:47 Actions
5460 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Low Repo creation stuck when remote clone returns partial http code 500 06.07.2018 19:14 Actions
5457 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Internal server error on full-text search settings page with Elasticsearch 16.04.2018 09:08 Actions
5444 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Error while creating a pull request on a Mercurial repository 17.04.2018 22:29 Actions
5442 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature Resolved Low Preview of Jupyter notebooks Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 16.01.2019 16:33 Actions
5441 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature New Low Some files not parsed as XML files Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 12.06.2018 12:23 Actions
5436 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved High Unable To Open Pull Request in 4.11.2 14.02.2018 11:14 Actions
5434 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Immediate Locale problem 01.10.2021 09:51 Actions
5433 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved High RhodeCode Community 4.11 doesn't handle HG largefiles extension 01.02.2018 20:08 Actions
5414 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New High When Opening New Pull Request, Target Revision Default Is Undesireable 11.04.2018 23:20 Actions
5412 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Webhook for "pullrequest commented" event returns incomplete data 27.02.2018 18:00 Actions
5410 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal After converting to CE, we get the following error when trying to view some repos in the UI: "UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte" (full error in Description) 25.01.2018 20:45 Actions
5406 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal Installer Fails 01.12.2017 11:52 Actions
5405 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal Add repository from UI leads to HTTP/404 28.11.2017 11:39 Actions
5404 RhodeCode CE/EE Task New Normal Add an option to detach review rules when deleting an user 22.11.2017 11:23 Actions
5400 RhodeCode CE/EE Task New Normal User group - subgroup support 06.11.2017 22:00 Actions
5399 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug In Progress High Issues with Git LFS integration 07.07.2019 22:21 Actions
5396 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature Resolved Normal Merge state with shadow repo should be created during pull request 12.10.2017 21:57 Actions
5395 RhodeCode CE/EE Support Resolved Normal Svn protocols and performance 04.04.2019 18:08 Actions
5394 RhodeCode CE/EE Support New Normal SVN to Git / Mercurial Migration 03.10.2017 09:29 Actions
5391 RhodeCode CE/EE Task Resolved High Secure Email change 17.04.2018 21:50 Actions
5386 RhodeCode CE/EE Task Resolved Normal Increase security for Email Change Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 17.02.2018 17:29 Actions
5382 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature New Normal Support for repository aliases Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 04.09.2017 15:17 Actions
5381 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Email integration changeset links invalid 06.09.2017 12:29 Actions
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