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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4065 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal [ux, login] 404 on login after comment attempt Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 04.07.2016 00:40 Actions
5266 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Validate if changes in target branches get's propagated on Pull request updates 05.04.2017 18:10 Actions
4227 RhodeCode CE/EE Support Resolved Normal VBScript files detected as text/plain - no syntax highlighting 14.09.2016 22:38 Actions
5522 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Low vcsserver fails when url contains extra "/" 28.02.2019 13:52 Actions
4247 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal [vcs] Using current time as timestamp during archive creating leads to changing hashes Martin Bornhold 28.09.2016 12:07 Actions
5412 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Webhook for "pullrequest commented" event returns incomplete data 27.02.2018 18:00 Actions
5210 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal webook problems 13.02.2017 19:43 Actions
5573 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Wrong notification Base Url for Email-Integrations 16.01.2020 08:53 Actions
5518 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal Zero-sized files in /rhodecode/config/rcextensions/examples 21.01.2020 02:18 Actions
4092 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Feedback Normal [ce, ee] Redmine/JIRA integrations - smart commits Daniel D 21.07.2016 12:59 Actions
3454 RhodeCode CE/EE Task Feedback Normal [ce/ee] visually differentiate the two editions Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 10.08.2016 03:30 Actions
4251 RhodeCode CE/EE Task Feedback High [customer] Pull request with subrepos Martin Bornhold 10.11.2016 17:52 Actions
2539 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature Feedback Normal Recursive deletion of resources 20.04.2016 08:52 Actions
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