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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2744 RhodeCode CE/EE Task Resolved Normal Deprecating Internet Explorer 06.07.2016 12:04 Actions
2539 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature Feedback Normal Recursive deletion of resources 20.04.2016 08:52 Actions
2264 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal New user password change doesn't actually require a password change. 12.08.2016 16:01 Actions
1457 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature New Normal add allow permissions inheritance on repo groups 22.09.2017 10:27 Actions
1404 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal clone of really huge git repo (4gb) causes pyro to explode 07.02.2017 14:52 Actions
148 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature New Normal [comments] Add per file and multiline comments in a changeset 25.05.2016 10:20 Actions
5582 RhodeCode Control Feature New Normal Add the version number of a PR in the HTTP API 15.01.2020 10:45 Actions
5535 RhodeCode Control Bug New Normal improper rollback on upgrade failure 09.02.2019 21:12 Actions
5534 RhodeCode Control Feature New Normal extract/preload subcommand 14.02.2019 14:45 Actions
5533 RhodeCode Control Feature In Progress Normal Support busybox tar 09.02.2019 22:09 Actions
5501 RhodeCode Control Bug New Normal rccontrol throwing rccontrol.lib.exceptions.SupervisorFailedToStart 19.05.2022 19:32 Actions
5531 RhodeCode Tools Bug New Normal rhodecode-index: default cli opts overwrite given mapping file 17.07.2020 17:36 Actions
5450 RhodeCode Tools Bug New Normal rhodecode-api get_license_info no longer works 17.07.2018 15:01 Actions
3333 RhodeCode Tools Task New Normal Create rhodecode-tools backup command for backup of RhodeCode Enterprise 17.03.2016 12:43 Actions
5683 Documentation Support New Low Schemas (Structured Data) Snippets Today Deals 06.07.2022 07:19 Actions
5598 Documentation Bug New Low Typo in force delete command 19.03.2020 20:10 Actions
5439 Documentation Bug New Low JIRA Integration description: Wrong sample link 14.02.2018 14:25 Actions
5408 Documentation Task Resolved Low Upate nginx documentation for non standard SSL port 12.07.2018 23:21 Actions
5342 RhodeCode Appenlight Bug New Low Broken link [Applications Modify application] 21.06.2017 21:21 Actions
4220 RhodeCode Appenlight Feature New Low Search params allow sorting of result. 06.09.2016 16:33 Actions
4017 RhodeCode Appenlight Feature New Low application logos need help 14.06.2016 11:52 Actions
4289 RhodeCode CE/EE Task New Low [ce, ee] clean up pygments lexer functions + handling Daniel D 21.10.2016 14:44 Actions
4259 RhodeCode CE/EE Task Resolved Low Events, create post-create-user event Daniel D 30.01.2017 20:11 Actions
5442 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature Resolved Low Preview of Jupyter notebooks Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 16.01.2019 16:33 Actions
5441 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature New Low Some files not parsed as XML files Marcin Kuzminski [CTO] 12.06.2018 12:23 Actions
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