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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5624 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal Timeout when trying to test SMTP email configuration 01.07.2020 20:01 Actions
4061 RhodeCode Appenlight Feature New Normal Timezone for applications 30.06.2016 15:16 Actions
5559 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal Timezone handling issue on repos list 07.07.2019 22:19 Actions
4255 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal [translation, i18n] translation not being applied to integrations pages 30.09.2016 15:56 Actions
5598 Documentation Bug New Low Typo in force delete command 19.03.2020 20:10 Actions
5547 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal UI not consistent between Firefox and Chrome 01.03.2019 23:35 Actions
5316 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature In Progress Normal UI should provide checkout URL for a SVN path 06.11.2017 21:59 Actions
5475 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal Unable to locate user in OpenLDAP directory via ldaps 08.06.2018 20:06 Actions
5436 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved High Unable To Open Pull Request in 4.11.2 14.02.2018 11:14 Actions
5348 Documentation Bug New Normal Uninstall documentaion missing some steps 06.07.2017 10:25 Actions
5408 Documentation Task Resolved Low Upate nginx documentation for non standard SSL port 12.07.2018 23:21 Actions
2844 RhodeCode CE/EE Task New Normal Update Bcrypt to a maintained version 17.02.2018 20:37 Actions
5584 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature New Normal "update pull request link" message on vcs client 23.01.2020 10:32 Actions
5622 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved High Upgrade from 4.18.3 to 4.19.3 broke all PRs 28.07.2020 16:44 Actions
5269 RhodeCode CE/EE Support New Normal Upgrade from RC EE 3.7.1 to RC EE 4.x 29.06.2017 19:36 Actions
5491 RhodeCode CE/EE Support New Urgent Upgrade RhodeCode Community + VCSSERVER from 4.10.4 to 4.12.4, pull request stop working with reviewers 30.08.2018 09:47 Actions
5544 RhodeCode CE/EE Support Resolved Normal Use of authentication token with LDAP account results in account lockout when max bad password attempts are configured in LDAP 27.02.2019 10:09 Actions
5523 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved High user from AD is asked to change his password when logs in. Thierry Wynsdau 28.05.2020 20:28 Actions
5400 RhodeCode CE/EE Task New Normal User group - subgroup support 06.11.2017 22:00 Actions
5259 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug Resolved Normal user-journal storage changes 12.04.2017 00:04 Actions
4003 RhodeCode CE/EE Task Resolved Normal User personal repository groups improvements 07.11.2016 16:12 Actions
5519 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New High User unable to fork the repo despite setting Repository Forking to Disabled 11.12.2018 22:21 Actions
3939 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal [ux] changelog filter blank after going back in browser 18.05.2016 14:50 Actions
3441 RhodeCode CE/EE Bug New Normal [ux] clicking on line in file view scrolls to that line 05.04.2016 13:35 Actions
3455 RhodeCode CE/EE Feature New Normal [ux] commit message search should render entire commit message 07.04.2016 17:50 Actions
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